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Drink Up It’s the Holidays – 3 Healthy Drinks that Heal and Soothe

As the holidays fast approach we become inundated with “eat this, don’t eat that, drink this not that” whether from friends, family, bloggers, or news sites it appears that everyone has an opinion, some more informed than others. This time I’d like to talk about beverages the, good the bad and the ugly. Learn how you can protect your skin against sun damage and premature aging by sipping these 3 drinks. I’ve said it a million times but I’ll say it again, sunscreen is the first line of defense against sun damage. And now it has some help: the latest research suggests that these beverages may also deliver nutrients that protect your skin….


The Science of Taking It Off

Most of us already know about the importance and general benefits of exfoliation, including obtaining a softer, smoother, less aged appearance.  But how much do you really know about what is going on beneath the top layers of the skin?  Let’s take a look at some of the different ways exfoliation can be part of your life, and what you should be aware of when you “take it off.”

The history of exfoliation goes back thousands of years to the times of the pharos when abrasive masks, minerals and alabaster particles were used.  Since then, an innumerable variety of substances have been used to peel, exfoliate, and rejuvenate the skin.  These include the use of acids, poultices of minerals and plants, and direct irritants such as fire and sand-paper like materials.


Simple Steps to Get You and Your Skin Healthy

This week we’re going to take a look at some simple things to do that will help your skin get and stay healthy. None of this is hard and in fact most of it is easy, basic common sense stuff your mother told you. 

Decrease your sugar intake. Not to say cut sugar out of your diet completely, but try to cut back on “false” sugars, like in soda and in candy. Contrary to popular belief, chocolate isn’t bad for you, it’s all the added sugars that harm your skin. “Natural” sugars, like sugar cane sugar, aggravate the magnesium in your body, making it difficult for your body to keep itself healthy. From your skin all the way down to your blood cells, your body will thank you if you eat MORE fruit and less candy


Quick And Easy Skin Care Regime

Polishing up your skincare routine doesn’t mean spending more time at the sink or money at the store.  Before we get to the how, let’s review the why you do what you do to your face.  Understanding what each step of your skincare routine is trying to achieve will help you understand how just slightly improving the step will have a big impact on your results.  After all, you want to get the most out of those 5 minutes at the sink each morning and night, right?


Eat Your Way To Healthy Skin

Let’s face it, there are times that we become so preoccupied with the daily challenges of life we sometimes wind up not doing what’s best for our health.  But when it comes to staying fit and eating right, it doesn’t always have to be a challenge. Yes it can seem a bit overwhelming.  Between career and home life, who has time to figure out all the nuances of what is best for an overall healthily diet particularly one that focuses on skin. Fortunately we’re here to help and let you know there are some simple steps that you can take.  As always balance and moderation are the watchwords when it comes to any dietary initiatives.  Below you find a short list of 5 great tasty foods that are easy to prepare and integrate into your current diet.  Each one of these foods is versatile and allows for a wide range of integration into various recipies and has the added bonus of tasting great!  Bon Appetit.


How Your Skin Ages & Wrinkles

It’s frustrating: You look in the mirror and see the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles.  They’re around your eyes, your mouth, even your forehead—and they’re starting to set in. Depending on how much sun exposure you’ve had and how diligently you’ve protected your skin from sun damage, wrinkles can start showing up as early as your mid-twenties.  Regardless of age, the concern and anxiety you have about your wrinkles can result in lots of money wasted as you try to stop them from getting worse.


Quick Do’s and Don’ts

Sticking to a regular skincare routine isn’t easy, especially when there are so many new products and tools promising to give you a flawless complexion. It seems like every week there’s some new thing coming on the market promising eternal youthful skin. However, it isn’t so much about tools and products, as it is about habits. Below are some common skin care mistakes. Check these out and make sure you’re not inadvertently committing one of these skin care no-no’s.


Decoding Epigenetics…

What is epigenetics and why all the excitement?

We all know what the famous double helix looks like.  In that twisted genetic vine, Watson and Crick felt they had discovered the secret of life.  One DNA strand contains the coding information for about 20,000 genes, which in turn direct the process of creating the proteins that are the building blocks of all organisms. 


One of the Most Important Things Dermatologists Recommend

According to the online journal Derm Perspectives, after sunscreens, moisturizers may be the most important skin care products dermatology clinicians can recommend. Whether they realize it or not, most skin care recommendations involve moisturizers. As has frequently been noted in an array of medical journals, whether a product is a facial foundation, an anti-aging night cream, a sunscreen, a topical antioxidant, or a skin-lightening serum, the formulation is basically a moisturizer. Moisturizers, including facial moisturizers, are appropriate for the vast majority of patients, and can be beneficial. Properly used moisturizers improve skin hydration by reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and can contribute to enhanced barrier function.  This means that your dried out skin will not only be temporarily hydrated, but will also be able to absorb moisture naturally.