One of the Most Important Things Dermatologists Recommend

According to the online journal Derm Perspectives, after sunscreens, moisturizers may be the most important skin care products dermatology clinicians can recommend. Whether they realize it or not, most skin care recommendations involve moisturizers. As has frequently been noted in an array of medical journals, whether a product is a facial foundation, an anti-aging night cream, a sunscreen, a topical antioxidant, or a skin-lightening serum, the formulation is basically a moisturizer. Moisturizers, including facial moisturizers, are appropriate for the vast majority of patients, and can be beneficial. Properly used moisturizers improve skin hydration by reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and can contribute to enhanced barrier function. This means that your dried out skin will not only be temporarily hydrated, but will also be able to absorb moisture naturally.


The Duplicell line of products is formulated on this basis- to provide the skin what it needs to help heal itself and reverse the aging process. Duplicell P199 is a moisturizer yet it is so much more. It effectively incites stem cell production in the sub-epidermal layers of your skin. Daily application of this unique formula stimulates your body to naturally “turn on a switch,” telling the millions of lackluster, hibernating stem cells to start producing again as they did when you were younger. Obviously, skin care technology will never be the same, because for the first time ever, a topical cream has been developed which works from the inside out.

Use of moisturizers may optimize topical therapeutic approaches in many cases. Given the dry, xerotic and sometime pruritic nature of atopic skin (or dry, flaky and itchy in layman’s terms), the need for moisturizing among these situations is obvious. While use of moisturizers was once thought to provide only temporary relief, it is now recognized that certain moisturizers can actually help improve barrier function and therefore support continued skin healing. This is where Duplicell comes in. Each Duplicell product is made with this in mind to help, through consistent applications, skin to heal itself.

Skin aging is the result of both natural and intrinsic factors and the cumulative influence of extrinsic factors. Your skin ages on its own, yet things like dryness and the sun can make it worse. As such, it is a persistent and progressive process. It is impossible to completely reverse or prevent skin aging, but the process can be slowed and the appearance of skin aging can be reduced. It is most appropriate for patients with early signs of skin aging, including patients in her (or his) thirties or forties to institute a moisturizing regime.


Topical cosmeceutical products should be used within a comprehensive skin care regimen. These formulations, commonly featuring botanicals, antioxidants, and in Duplicell’s case, peptides (P199), are generally thought to offset the negative effects of UV exposure. Finally, all patients – especially those concerned about the signs of skin aging – must use a broad spectrum sunscreen daily and and practice UV avoidance.

It is important to adhere to therapy over the long haul to achieve and maintain improvement in the signs of skin aging. With proper education and guidance from the clinician (feel free to call Duplicell Customer care for suggestions on how to properly use our products), patients can develop a topical wrinkle-reduction and rejuvenation regimen they like using and that provides notable cosmetic improvements.


The Duplicell line of products is a safe and effective topical intervention that can reduce the clinical and histological effects of photo-aging and chronological aging. At Duplicell, we are committed to using the highest quality ingredients and the latest cutting-edge technology to bring you the best anti-wrinkle products ever produced. Click here to see the full Duplicell line, including money saving Beauty Kits, and try Duplicell for yourself.

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