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Duplicell F199 Face Therapy 1 oz. New!  Based on the latest in Epigenetic Technology- see below...  


Introducing our exclusive DUPLICELL F199 Face Therapy…

The greatest discovery in the history of skin care has spawned the development of new anti-aging technology based on Epigenetics– using the skin’s natural renewal process to repair and preserve skin cells.   Revolutionary F199 is a doctor-developed compound and the result of more than 2 years of advanced clinical research. It is based on a deep penetrating skin technology demonstrated to help skin cells LIVE LONGER AND FUNCTION BETTER.  What you can expect is gorgeous skin . . . radiant, ageless beauty . . . and a revitalized youthful appearance.

How it works: DUPLICELL F199 Cell Extender utilizes Fucoxanthin, an all natural ingredient derived from Japanese brown seaweed, to bring you unparalleled anti-aging restoration and protection. This SCIENTIFIC breakthrough super charges your cells own regeneration process extending and preserving the longevity of newly recruited skin cells. Duplicell P199 stimulates your cells, Duplicell F199 epigenetic cell extender maintains your cells. Together, Duplicell F199 and Duplicell P199 work hand in hand, 24 hours a day, to bring you the youthful wrinkle free skin you deserve.

Recommended usage:  Apply gently and sparingly at bedtime after cleansing.  Can be used simultaneously with P199 if desired.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED…As always, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to try any Duplicell product with virtually no-risk, so order in confidence today!



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