Duplicell P199 Face Therapy

Duplicell P199 Face Therapy

Duplicell P199 Anti-Wrinkle Face Therapy

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  • Duplicell P199 Anti-Wrinkle Face Therapy
  • Duplicell P199 Anti-Wrinkle Face Therapy

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Duplicell P199 Face Therapy- 1 oz.


Duplicell P199 FACE THERAPY contains the proprietary “P199” peptide, which has been clinically incorporated into this revolutionary formula and is designed to trigger the safe, efficient arousal of STEM CELLS in adult skin. Nothing on the market directly available today effectively incites stem cell production in the sub-epidermal layers of your skin like Duplicell P199; daily application of this unique formula stimulates your body to naturally “turn on a switch,” telling millions of lackluster, hibernating stem cells to start producing again as they did when you were 30 years of age or younger and your face was smooth, radiant, hydrated and devoid of wrinkles and unflattering age lines and creases.  For best results use in conjunction with Duplicell P199 Eye Therapy.


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17 thoughts on “Duplicell P199 Face Therapy”

  1. I’ve tried many face creams in my lifetime as I have mature skin with all the problems of dryness, dullness, lines and wrinkles, but when I started using Duplicell, (a friend suggested I try it) I saw and felt a tremendous difference in only seven days. The feel of my skin is so much smoother, my lines seen to be vanishing and best of all, two friends said they have never seen me look so glowing. I’m thrilled! Now I am a believer.

  2. Finally a wrinkle reducing compound that actually works and is worth the price! What an amazing product. I’m truly impressed!
    I’ll be a customer for a very long time…

  3. Great Great Great! If you want to see a dramatic reduction in wrinkles and fine lines in a very short period of time, try duplicell!
    Amazing results! Highly recommend..

  4. My product arrived sooner than expected and after just a few days of use, I am absolutely thrilled! My skin has not looked this great in a very long time. This cream also feels as beautiful as it makes my skin look. Even my husband noticed! I’m a fan!
    Thank you duplicell!

  5. Just a little note to let you know how good your product Duplicell is…I’m an old lady and this product has done Wonders for my skin.
    I plan on staying with this product….ALWAYS.

  6. Absolute transformation!!! nothing compares or comes close to such a fabulous product! Highly recommend! You won’t be disappointe

  7. I have used just about every skin cream there is and nothing worked quite like duplicell. It made my skin super smooth and soft to the touch. No more blotchiness and no more fine lines and wrinkles.I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to look and feel younger. Thank you duplicell for giving me such a youthful appearance!

  8. I have been using Duplicell Stem Cell Face Therapy for 2 months now and find that my face has a clarity and overall even tone that I’ve been missing since my thirties! My skin is looking dewy – yes, dewy! I can’t believe it myself.
    Even though I don’t totally understand the science behind the stem cell therapy I say

  9. I just had to let you all know how absolutely fabulous duplicell p199 is! From the first day I put it on my face I noticed an immediate difference. It was like a Cinderella’s fairy pointed her magic wand and poof all the wrinkles diminished! All my friends wanted to know what Doctor I went to and I told them Dr. duplicell……….they all wanted his number so I told them about your miraculous cream. You should be getting a lot of calls from Ft. Lauderdale!!!!

  10. Good day to you there at Duplicell,
    I made an order with you for a sixty day trial of duplicell p199 face therapy order # above. I like this product and used it on my husband who has an annoying skin condition on the back of one of his hands. His skin condition has never looked better! I lost a wrinkle between my eyes that I was considering botox for. Nice product. 🙂 I am scheduled for an auto ship can you speed that up? We are both using your product and we are out! This is sad, but it won’t be, if you could speed up the auto ship to send my next shipment say….today? That would be swell and make us very happy.

  11. I’m 61 years old and for 30 years I have been looking for a skin care products that really works. I can honestly say that Duplicell P199 has truly worked for wonders for my skin. I could tell within 3 days that I had something remarkable. I had a dark spot on my forehead, it’s totally gone. My skin looks bright, my pores has reduced in size. A noticeable reduction of the wrinkles around my eyes is remarkable. My neck looks like I went to a plastic surgeon. My elbows were very dry and flakey, but the Duplicell Moisture Masque Therapy solved that problem. Friends and family have told me that I look good and refreshed. I will never be without this special products. It Works. Also customer service is exceptional. Thank you so much. M.C. Larsen.

  12. Thank you for the opportunity to try duplicell. My interest was to try to get rid of the blotchy dark spots on my face. I am sort of attached to my wrinkles; I really don’t want to look 70 again. Therefore I do not use it exactly as you suggest. I use it evenings only and my dark spots seem to be fading and my wrinkles have soften. The one thing that amazed me was my nose. About 8 years ago I fell and literally landed on my nose. The scrape healed but the skin in that area (a bit smaller than a dime) always felt dry and it peeled always showing fresh new skin. As of today that area has shrunk to a thin strip on one side of that area. I thank you very much for that improvement.

    I checked out your catalog, but am sorry your prices are well above what my budget can handle.

    I do appreciate your product and thank you again for allowing me to try it.

  13. I only been using the face therapy for 1 week and my face feels nice and smooth. Yes I am 37 but I notice a few wrinkles and now they are gone. I think this is a wonderful product. Thank you

  14. My product arrived sooner than expected and after just a few days of use, I am absolutely thrilled! My skin has not looked this great in a very long time. This cream also feels as beautiful as it makes my skin look. Even my husband noticed! I’m a fan!
    Thank you duplicell

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