Duplicell P199 Face Therapy- Deluxe Size

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Duplicell P199 Face Therapy- 1.75 oz.


Duplicell P199 FACE THERAPY contains the proprietary “P199” peptide, which has been clinically incorporated into this revolutionary formula and triggers the safe, efficient arousal of STEM CELLS in adult skin. Nothing on the market directly available today effectively incites stem cell production in the sub-epidermal layers of your skin like Duplicell P199; daily application of this unique formula stimulates your body to naturally “turn on a switch,” telling millions of lackluster, hibernating stem cells to start producing again as they did when you were 30 years of age or younger and your face was smooth, radiant, hydrated and devoid of wrinkles and unflattering age lines and creases.

Have stubborn eye problems like crows feet or puffyness?  Try using Duplicell P199 Eye Therapy as well.

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