Quick And Easy Skin Care Regime

Polishing up your skincare routine doesn’t mean spending more time at the sink or money at the store. Before we get to the how, let’s review the why you do what you do to your face. Understanding what each step of your skincare routine is trying to achieve will help you understand how just slightly improving the step will have a big impact on your results. After all, you want to get the most out of those 5 minutes at the sink each morning and night, right?


Here’s the deal :
1. Cleansing is just that; it’s washing the day’s makeup, oil, dead skin, grit and grime off your face. If left on your skin overnight, dirt and makeup can clog your pores and create build-up on the skin’s surface, creating a rough texture, dullness and the potential for breakouts. Cleansing is the first step in getting your skin prepared to receive your treatment serums and moisturizers.
2. Toning is important because it helps restore your skin’s pH balance and also removes any cleanser residue, remaining makeup, dead skin cells, oil and dirt. Think of it as an extension of cleansing; again, you’re preparing your skin to accept the next steps of your routine.
3. Applying treatments is a critical step to achieving any goals you may have with your skin (think: aging gracefully, lightening hyperpigmentation, clearing acne, anti-wrinkle, calming rosacea, etc.). Serums, and specialty products such as Duplicell P199 are loaded with active ingredients that are formulated in a way that they can be easily carried into the skin to go to work.
4. Moisturizing is critical to achieving any skin health goals. Moisturizers do exactly what you would expect, they replenish moisture that’s been lost and also seal in the moisture that’s already in your skin. Adding moisture is key for leaving your skin feeling soft and looking hydrated.


And now onto the heart of the matter:
1. Cleansing : Use warm, never hot, water while cleansing. Hot water can dry out your skin. Also, don’t use too much water with your cleanser, it dilutes it making your cleanser less effective. What we suggest is to either use a makeup remover to remove your makeup first or splash the majority of your makeup off just using water. Once the water is running fairly clear, grab about a nickel sized amount of your cleanser in your already moistened hands. Create a lather (if your cleanser lathers) and apply it directly to your dampened face. Move the cleanser around for at least one minute in gentle circle motions. By letting your cleanser sit on your face for at least a minute, it gives the active ingredients in the cleanser time to work their magic. Otherwise, you’re just rinsing the money you spent on the cleanser down the drain. Another cleansing improvement you can make that won’t affect your long term budget, but will cost a bit more upfront, is to use an active cleanser in the P.M. (this will prepare your skin more effectively for your next skincare steps) and a gentle cleanser in the A.M. (this will leave your acid mantle — your skin’s natural barrier against environmental elements — in place to help protect you during the day).

2. Toning : Use cotton pads or gauze, as opposed to cotton balls, with your toner. Cotton pads remove remaining dead skin, dirt and oil, and this better prepares your skin for your treatment serums. Using cotton pads or gauze also prevents excess product usage, thereby saving you money every time!

3. Applying Treatments : To get the most out of your treatments, make sure you’re using them correctly. Take time to read the instructions!

4. Moisturizing : Apply your moisturizer using upward, lifting motions. This will help fight the effects of gravity. Additionally, to make your moisturizer more effective, let it sit for a few minutes prior to applying makeup so that it can fully penetrate.
So there you have it; a quick review on your skincare routine. To get the most out of any routine be sure to use quality products like Duplicell P199, Duplicell F199 and Duplicell Facial Tonic Balancing Toner. And always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, getting enough rest and drinking plenty of water.


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