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The story of Duplicell began with a doctor’s discovery that fetal surgeries heal with no sign of damage, not even the trace of a scar! Years of research followed in an attempt to isolate and duplicate the source of this natural skin-regeneration process:
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A world-renowned surgeon who operates on babies before they are even born has discovered the secret to perpetually younger, smoother skin.  He is one of only a handful of doctors worldwide who perform delicate “in-utero” surgeries – operating on fetuses within the womb and removing tumors and others growths from babies before birth. In case after case, it was found that fetal surgeries healed with no scarring and no damage whatsoever – absolutely no sign of intrusion or disfigurement in the wound area. Subsequent research determined this miraculous healing capacity was due to an instant injury repair system incited by stem cells, mostly contained in a gelatinous substance found within the umbilical cord. A substance known as Wharton jelly.
Further studies revealed that a specific stem cell stimulating protein in Wharton jelly ignites this entire process of fetal healing. The protein peptide in Wharton jelly responsible for this flawless and complete fetal skin regeneration has been isolated and reproduced clinically. We call it the Wharton jelly component.

Wharton jelly, named after the English physician and anatomist, Thomas Wharton, is a gelatinous material combining a mixture of water, gelatin, lipids, proteins and enzymes.  Wharton jelly is a rich source of stem cells and other fetal specific proteins, fatty acids and phospholipids.  Most interesting and noteworthy is that while only one out of every 200,000,000 (Two-Hundred-Million) cord blood cells is a stem cell… 1 in every 300 of Wharton jelly cells is a stem cell!
After years of demonstrable case studies involving fetal surgeries, it was theorized that within Wharton jelly must be a component which concentrates the production of stem cells, thus leading to this marvelous healing power he observed in fetal skin.  Moreover, if this component could be isolated and synthesized chemically, the same miraculous results witnessed in fetal skin could be replicated in adult skin as well.  Finally…success after years of painstaking research was achieved in the discovery and bio-synthesis of the Wharton jelly component, which is now incorporated into the revolutionary Duplicell formula.

To see the full research dossier, click here.  Skin care therapy has entered a new frontier.

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